Election Commentary

I expect everyone is overdosed on election analysis, so I hope to keep this short and to the point. I went into the election disgusted with the choices for President, and I’m not celebrating the outcome. I didn’t want either of them to be elected, but I guess one of them had to be. One thing I can celebrate is that many commentators are saying the mainstream media are in shock over the results. They were convinced Clinton would win. They began to believe everyone had to have been influenced by their onslaught of negative Trump reports. The results indicate many average Americans in flyover country dismissed the “superior intellect” of the so-called elite.

One statistic that gives me hope is that Clinton gathered several million fewer votes than Obama’s totals. That indicates many Democrats who were supposed to blindly accept the candidate put forward by the party made a statement by voting for someone else. Americans are still thinking even if the major parties aren’t.

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