Russia and Trump

I  decided to do this commentary after reading Gzep’s recent commentary about his disheartening experiences with the FBI associated with the government raid of the Rocky Flats Plant. His point, as I understand it in relation to his personal experience, is about current political turmoil in the U.S. based on hatred of Trump. I agree there are many who are interested in nothing other than destroying Trump. I’m submitting a different scenario, and that is that the Russians, who developed skills during the Soviet Union days in creating turmoil in governments of opponents, have won a major victory in the attacks on the U.S. because of the election of Trump!

I’m working on publishing a book about how Nuclear Deterrence prevented World War III and the role of the Rocky Flats Plant in providing that deterrence. One of the things that I’ve learned in researching information for the book is that the Soviet Union invested heavily in resources to disrupt anything positive with the West. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that the Russians now have allies in the U.S. government who have no agenda other than preventing anything positive during the Trump administration. The Democrats are desperate to prove Trump “colluded” with the Russians. In my opinion, Democrats are “colluding” with the Russians by doing everything possible to shut down government operations with the exception of Trump and Russia hearings and investigations.

My book presents evidence that the Soviet Union spared no expense in interfering with anything positive for its Western enemies during the Cold War. Examples are the billions they spent supporting anti-nuclear protests in Europe and the United States. They recognized that the only thing that was preventing their massive advantage in conventional military forces from easily taking over Western Europe was the nuclear arsenal of the United States and the belief that American leaders were willing to use it to repel an invasion. They therefore invested, unsuccessfully, about $2 billion a year in efforts to curtail the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

The book also includes reference to the huge “disinformation” organizations in the Soviet Union and its Iron Curtain Allies. They were skilled at producing forgeries that supported their agenda. They produced a flood of forgeries after the U.S. embassy in Iran was taken over by revolutionaries, which provided a wide variety of State Department official stamps and stationary. My favorite example is how the Soviets created a false scenario when they set up a television expose that filmed recovery of forged Nazi documents from a lake. The forged documents targeted West German officials unfriendly to the Soviet Union by labeling them as Nazis.

From my book, “I feel obliged to provide some details of specific activities by the Soviets and the Eastern Bloc intelligence agencies. .  . I submit as exhibit one a report titled, Soviet Covert Action (The Forgery Offensive) that was published by the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Ninety-sixth Congress. The report describes hearings held February 6 and 19, 1980. The hearings were in closed sessions, and several of the documents were originally labeled “TOP SECRET.” The content made it clear the Soviets didn’t hesitate to use any action to further their cause and harm America.” The referenced document lists Soviet and Eastern bloc forgeries of documents designed to embarrass the United States and weaken its positions with allies and other countries. The forgeries included a faked transcript of a President Carter speech and a fake classified U.S. Army field manual embarrassing to the U.S. One former Eastern Bloc official who defected to the U.S. warned about forgeries leaked either to the press or foreign governments. He described how Soviet intelligence used journalists to spread their propaganda and warned that the “Great Russian Bear” should always be suspected. Think about that for a moment and remember how many reports appearing in the recent main stream media have been attributed to confidential or otherwise unnamed sources. I think it likely the Russian disinformation organizations are feeding the media all sorts of reports with the objective of disrupting U.S. governmental operations.

It’s working. Most of our government is focused on investigating Trump and nothing else. The Democrats no longer care about anything other than destroying Trump and the Republicans are too afraid of tying themselves to Trump to do anything legislatively useful. In the interim, Obamacare is collapsing and outdated tax regulations remain unchanged.

I have no idea where all the investigations of Russian interference of the Presidential election will lead. What I observe is that the Democrat preoccupation that Trump could not have won without Russian help has paralyzed the Congress. I expect that Vladimir Putin is both delighted and amused. Never before have the Soviets or the Russians been as successful at interfering with the U.S. democratic process. I’m guessing part of Putin’s amusement is based on the fact that the interference from the Russians was releasing embarrassing emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. And that is now being described as collusion with the Trump campaign? What if they hadn’t written the embarrassing emails?

Would Trump have won without help from the Russians? I think that’s the wrong question. Is there any doubt that Joe Biden would have won in a landslide election if the DNC had supported him instead of going full in on colluding against the Sanders campaign to support Hillary? I continue to be disgusted with what the two major political parties offered, and am becoming even more disgusted with the DNC for not admitting that their support of a flawed candidate put us in this position. Even more disgusting is that they are willing to blame the Russians for what happened. Apparently it is better for them to blame the Russians that to accept responsibility? And the Russians are thrilled! I’ve become convinced the liberal media doesn’t care whether the sources are providing accurate information. They only care that it is negative to Trump. That is helping the Russians to win while the U.S. government is paralyzed with hearings and investigations. I’m guessing the Russians are continuing to celebrate their successes while contemplating what kind of forgeries they could release to the U.S. media to maintain their continued success.

There’s much more to be said on this, but I’ve reached my self-imposed word limit!

3 thoughts on “Russia and Trump

  1. I’m willing to believe that Putin wanted Clinton to lose, but I won’t go so far as say he wants Trump to be president – not as such. He’s happy to undermine Trump now, I’m sure. Imagine the Russian ambassador, knowing everything he says is recorded, spreading disinformation. Just to keep the US in a state of confusion and outrage. How do we protect ourselves?

  2. I think it was Stalin who first referred to the political class of the West as “useful idiots”. In any case, I think Putin and Co. are getting way too much credit for the current state of affairs in D.C. Ther Left’s obsession with the Collusion Affair is the gridlock cause-du-jour, but the rabid hatred of Trump only explains the intensity of Progressive partisanship, not its longevity. If Trump were to resign tomorrow, the Dem’s targeting software would shift immediately to Mike Pence, who is as gentle and decent as Trump is despicable. Pence is hateable only if he is seen through the rifle scope of ideology, and that appears to be the only view of Republicans that the Left ever gets. The Right looks at Democrats in the same way, inter-party baseball games notwithstanding. The real game in Washington is the same as it is in Moscow or Ankara or Caracas. It is all about consolidation and retention of political power, and the game plan is right out of Putin’s playbook: Do whatever you can get away with to win. If you get caught, lie and deny, then blame others for your missteps. Never back down. Voters, after all, can be useful idiots too.
    Donald Trump has followed this plan his whole career. It worked for him in business, then took him all the way to the White House. The Democrats used the same playbook, as the Hillary emails so dramatically showed. Their hatred of Trump, and their monomaniacial embrace of the so-called Collusion Scandal, has less to do with his undeserved success and more to do with their unanticipated failures. They are far more responsible for Republicans’ big night last November than Vladimir Putin, and in their hearts they know it. Trump, Pence and Congressional Republicans are all secondary targets of the Left’soverflowing loathing of itself.

    • Eee… You know, political history is a kind of political subject 🙂

      They say, the “useful idiots” phrase is coined by Lenin. Though it looks like nobody can find this word construction in Lenin’s Full Collection of Writings. So – most likely, that was somebody else and long after. Just “simplifying” something to somebody with a certain purpose 😉

      …There was, say, a quarter-century of self-destruction in Russia. You probably can’t imagine this. But I can, and it’s really amazing sometimes to see an American belief in Putin and his might.

      Shortly speaking, in internal politics “Putin” is something like a franchise: if you don’t want to say “I did it”, just use #russiansdidit.
      That’s it 😉

      May be, with Soviet Union it was not exactly the same, but I know for sure that US has always been a hard field for Russians. You just can’t play politics well if you didn’t grow up in this political culture.

      You can spend a whole lot of money – with pretty much no result.

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