Although the main primary purpose of this site is to make available a book I’ve written about my experiences at the Rocky Flats Plant, which manufactured components for nuclear weapons, including plutonium components, this website features several parts:

(1) Description of An Insider’s View book,
(2) Commentary,
(3) Reviews of books, and
(4) Expressions

The initial chapters of the book are about my experiences in production areas and environmental organizations. Chapters 13 and 14 are about the Justice Department’s raid of Rocky Flats named, “Operation Desert Glow.” I’ve done significant research of media reports about the raid and its aftermath, and details are provided in later chapters. There is an extensive list of references. I welcome comments, but ask that the comments be civil and constructive. I particularly look forward to comments from fellow Rocky Flats workers.

There is a webpage in this website called “Reviews,” where I provide summaries of mostly non-fiction books as an “amateur historian.” An example of a subject that has fascinated me is the massive espionage against the United States by the Soviet Union in the days when we were supposed to be allies. There are many great non-fiction books, and I’ve decided I’m going provide short reviews of books I’ve read to help people decide whether they want to add the books to their list. I also occasionally post reviews of books that are historically-based fiction, and will post reviews of fiction books for the simple reason that I find them interesting.

I have been curious about the origins and meanings of colorful phases and expressions we often use. For example we understand that “beating around the bush” means avoiding getting to the point.  Knol.google.com says the saying came from the 1400s, and that it referred to beating bushes during wild boar hunts to drive them into the open. That was preferable to confronting angry animals in their home territory. I intend to give similar descriptions under the “Expressions” link, and will provide attribution for the sources.

So let’s get started. You’ll find the book about the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant,  book reviews by an amateur historian and part time Libertarian who sometimes interjects personal political views into the reviews, and a webpage dedicated to revealing the histories of interesting expressions and addages. I hope you find the diversity enjoyable!