The primary purpose of this site is to make available a book I’ve written about my experiences at the Rocky Flats Plant, which manufactured components for nuclear weapons, including plutonium components.

I believe what will be of interest to the most readers is that I was managing an environmental organization when the FBI and EPA raided the site with allegations of environmental crimes.    The title of the book, “An Insider’s View of Rocky Flats: Urban Myths Debunked,” gives a hint about my perspective.

If you are skeptical that you need to read any more after seeing that title, you should know the Governor of Colorado was quoted as saying that the raid “resulted in false allegations of wrongdoing that needlessly damaged government credibility about operations at the plutonium facility.”  One of the attorneys on the Justice Department investigative team testified before Congress that, “Virtually none of the allegations contained in the search warrant were borne out after a full investigation.”  There are more quotes that reinforce my position, but you’ll have to read what I’ve written to find them.

On a lighter note, the favorite joke by people who heard someone worked at Rocky Flats was, “Do you glow?”  I don’t glow, which is probably considered to be disappointing by at least some of my Grandchildren.